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The world has become extremely specialized. You would not replace a transmission from someone that does your brakes or get a knee replaced from a general practitioner. After investing many months or years thinking about the menu, design, kitchen layout, equipment and real estate, why hire just any general contractor to build your restaurant?

The LOTT team has completed over 400 restaurant projects in 15 states over the past 26 years.  90% of our current projects are restaurants. 95% of our previous projects were restaurants and most of our next projects will be restaurants and not condos, high rises, car dealerships or strip malls.  There are many good builders out there but very few good Restaurant contractors.

With this specialized focus and group of clients we put our reputation at stake on every project. Opening on time and within budget is as important to us as it is for our clients and critical to our future flow of work!

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope our experience encourages you to open a dialogue with us to help make your vision a reality!

– Frank Lott, President/Founder

– Max Parkhomchuk, Vice President/Partner

Chief Restaurant Builder Frank Lott
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