Building Your Restaurant – Step 5 – Warranty

The Construction Warranty

The warranty you receive through your restaurant construction specialist is an issue you will have already reviewed throughout the selection process for the construction company itself.  That said, it is after the construction and project close-out is complete that the care you took during those earlier steps will begin to benefit you.

Our Warranty

When you work with Lott Restaurant Construction, both that company and all its subcontractors provide a One-Year Warranty on both labor and materials.


The warranty provides you with a definition of all the responsibilities and limitations of the guarantees by contractors and subcontractors for repairing construction project work.  While this does typically cover the construction process, itself, it isn’t usually until after the construction has come to a close that a restaurant owner would ever need to look to that guarantee in order to seek additional repairs.


The warranty provides specific standards for determining what is and is not considered defective work and/or materials.  This is not the same as an implied warranty, which you would see in contracts outside construction.  It is important not to rely on an implied warranty when you are considering different construction companies as that could place your coverage at risk.
It is vital to the success of your project that you ensure you are covered by an express warranty which is contained within your contract’s agreement, conditions and supplementary conditions, and specifications or plans. It’s also important to understand what the exceptions are and require them in writing.  If you are uncertain as to the details of your warranty coverage, take the time to have the construction company explain it to you.


LOTT Restaurant Construction is a restaurant construction company that takes its warranty very seriously.  This is not only the opportunity to show that the company stands behind the work and materials used in every project, but it also provides the chance to give each customer and project the care and support it deserves.


Part of the one year warranty LOTT provides includes a meeting with the restaurant owner or manager  and the restaurant builder at the 11 month mark following the restaurant’s opening.  This allows the opportunity for the project to be reviewed in its entirety while the warranty is still in effect.


At that time, the owner or manager can bring any necessary repairs to the attention of LOTT Restaurant Construction, giving the company the time to complete them in a timely manner.


By meeting at the 11 month mark, you have the chance to not only make sure that you request repairs while they are still under warranty, but it also provides LOTT enough time to arrange for the repairs at times in which it will not interfere with your business operation.


Naturally, you can contact LOTT at any point throughout the warranty period in order to request covered repairs, but the meeting at 11 months after opening helps to make sure that the opportunity is not missed. After all, at that point you will be very busy with your successful restaurant.  This meeting makes certain that you receive all the support you need to keep it that way.

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Building Your Restaurant – Step 4 – Project Close-Out

The End is Near – Opening Soon!

You’ve done your homework.  You’ve gone through hours upon hours of preparations and planning.  Now, you’ve even been through the construction phase.  It’s time to close out the project.  This isn’t just a matter of signing off and throwing your doors open for customers.  There are certain things you should expect from your restaurant construction specialist at this point in the process.Restaurant Building Process Step 4

Project Close-Out Steps

Each restaurant construction company has its own way of doing things.  While some tasks are legally required, others are a matter of procedure and proper customer support.  If you choose LOTT Restaurant Construction, you can expect the following throughout this step.


  • A final punch list is created along with the restaurant owner or representative. This will help to identify any work that must still be completed before the job can be considered complete.
  • Any corrective work will be completed within the five days following that meeting
  • A mechanical walk through is provided. This is a thorough process typically requiring 2 to 4 hours and that involves the participation of owners and store managers.
  • The final financial documents are submitted, as are final waivers of lien

Your Close-Out Manual

After that point, copies of the close-out manual are provided.  LOTT Restaurant Construction provides 4 total copies of that manual.  Among them, 2 are hard copies and the other 2 are digital copies.

Owners Documents

There are 3 volumes that make up the manual.  The first volume contains the owner documents.  These include:


  • Certificate of Substantial Completion
  • Signed Final Punch List
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Permits & Inspections
  • Final Payment Affidavit of Liens and Claims
  • Final Waivers of Liens
  • Insurance Certificates


The Restaurant Copy of the Close-Out Manual

The second volume is the store copy, which contains:


  • Emergency Contact List
  • Maintenance Schedules
  • O&M Manuals
  • Subcontractor Warranties
  • Material & Equipment Warranties
  • Termite Treatment Certificate
  • Grease Duct & Hood Leak Test
  • HVAC Test & Balance Report
  • Construction Cleaning Checklist

The Third Volume of the Close-Out Manual

And finally, third volume includes the drawings, which include:


  • As-Built Drawings
  • DOB Approved Drawings
  • Record Drawings
  • Shop Drawings & Cut Sheets


This is the phase of the process in which the loose ends are tied up and everything is checked over.  It is also your best opportunity to make certain that everything meets (or exceeds) your expectations so that you can either arrange to have issues corrected or feel confident in knowing that everything has been completed properly.


When you work with a reputable restaurant construction specialist, you can know that every point on the punch list will be addressed promptly so that it won’t create any unnecessary delays in the project.  This time in the progress is critical to ensuring that you will be able to meet your deadlines.
That said, when this step is complete, it doesn’t mean that you’re on your own if any issues should arise with regards to the work that is done.  That is where the next step, the warranty, becomes a very important part of the process.

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Building Your Restaurant – Step 3 – Construction

The construction process is the step in the creation of your restaurant when things really start to get moving.  It isn’t that there wasn’t anything happening before this point, but overall there likely hasn’t been much in terms of physical change to the site itself.  Once the construction gets started, the entire project starts to become real.Restaurant Building - Step 3 Construction

That said, it’s important to note that the construction step in the process isn’t just about the building.  Building is a core component, of course, but the primary focus is to maintain the strong communication that was established during the pre-construction step.  This allows every component to continue moving forward efficiently. At the same time, it also ensures that a foundation is in place to quickly and effectively respond to any unforeseen issues. (more…)

Building Your Restaurant – Step 2- Pre-Construction

After Choosing Your Restaurant Builder

Once you’ve awarded your project to a restaurant builder and/or subcontractor, it’s time to start the heavy planning.  Here, you’re going to begin to see the reality side of your restaurant vision.  You’ll start aStep 2 of the Restaurant Builder Process - Pre-Constructionctively communicating with your restaurant construction specialist and will get into the nitty-gritty details of how everything will come together.


Pre-Construction Work

Within one to two weeks of the start of building your (more…)

Building Your Restaurant – Step 1- Finding Your Vendor/Contractor

Building Your Restaurant – Step 1- Finding Your Vendor/Contractor

Choosing the best restaurant construction specialist for your project can seem like an overwhelming task, to say the least.  It is among the first and certainly the most important steps you will need to take before opening your doors.  It is defining and can make or break the success of your restaurant.

restaurant construction specialist blue print

Plans for a Philadelphia Restaurant

For this reason, you need to be certain that the vendor and subcontractors you choose will be capable of completing the work, that they will uphold a solid level of attention to your project and that they will be able to finish the work within an appropriate time frame.  (more…)

Working With a Restaurant Construction Specialist – The 5-Step Process

Working With a Restaurant Construction Specialist – The 5-Step Process

Whether you are a seasoned restaurant owner or you’re planning to open your doors for the very first time, there are certain steps you’ll need to take to get your restaurant built and opened. Working with an experienced, dedicated restaurant construction specialist can make a sizable difference in the amount of time and effort you’ll need to put forward in each of those stages.

Your Homework Before Building Your Restaurant Begins