Whether this is your first restaurant, or you’ve planned and opened dozens of locations, LOTT Restaurant Construction has the dedicated team you need for completing every phase and component of your project.  From the site selection process to the design, build-out and FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment) we can fully perform or assist your team at every stage.

With more than a quarter of a century of experience in restaurant construction management, we have the comprehension and knowledge to understand your vision and know how to bring it to reality.

As experienced professionals within this highly specialized market, LOTT Restaurant Construction can bring you through the process of working in small or large spaces and fast track schedules. We are, after all, not a general construction company.  We only build restaurants. We know what it takes and understand how to convert your vision into a practical, workable and high quality completed construction project.  All you need to do is stock it and operate it!

We are fully committed to quality workmanship within the confines of your critical deadlines.  It is that specialized skill and sense of urgency that has been a key factor in our long-term success.  Our team of experienced professionals gives your project the priority it deserves – no matter how big or how small – and ensures that it will be completed on budget and on time.

Our restaurant construction management services include:

  • Fast-Tracked and Phased Construction
  • Design Build or Design Assist
  • Conceptual Budgets & Lease Review/Negotiation of LOI’s
  • Kitchen & Exhaust System Design and Fabrication
  • Local Government & Health Department Approvals
  • Construction Contract Documents
  • Purchasing and Contract Negotiations
  • Scheduling and Construction Management
  • Project Management / Field Supervision
  • Utility Service Coordination
  • Construction Quality Control
  • Construction Safety Management
  • Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Purchase and Coordination
  • Guarantee / Warranty Management

You will quickly know that working with our restaurant construction management team lets you relax knowing your project is in the right hands.  Depending on your unique needs, we can provide you with designers, architects, engineers, trade contractors, suppliers and other trusted and skilled experts through professional relationships we have been honing for years.

We are a flexible company that can operate within a spectrum of different project types, deadlines and budgets in order to meet your precise needs.  We apply our expertise to ensure your project will be executed to the highest standards, expectations, time frame and budget.  Our professional relationships and understanding of market trends also allow us to bring quality enhancements as well as improvements to serviceability and life cycle.

All this is accomplished within a minimum amount of time. We understand the longer that kitchen equipment is idle or restaurant not open, the greater your expenses.  Our strategy is to ensure that the construction time is as brief as possible and that the restaurant can open immediately upon being ready.

To accomplish this during the construction process, our teams begin at the back of the house so your kitchen equipment can be moved in and set up while the front of the house is being installed and prepared.  We ensure precision of coordination and communication for a smooth and seamless flow of the trades people who must make their way through the limited kitchen space. This accuracy is established from the very first day and is maintained until opening.

Our team members will offer advice during all phases and components of the project for the effective control of cost and risk.  That said, the final decision is always yours.  You will always know where things stand, where they are headed and will have the confidence in knowing you’ve made the right choice by selecting LOTT.