Building Your Restaurant – Step 2- Pre-Construction

After Choosing Your Restaurant Builder

Once you’ve awarded your project to a restaurant builder and/or subcontractor, it’s time to start the heavy planning.  Here, you’re going to begin to see the reality side of your restaurant vision.  You’ll start aStep 2 of the Restaurant Builder Process - Pre-Constructionctively communicating with your restaurant construction specialist and will get into the nitty-gritty details of how everything will come together.


Pre-Construction Work

Within one to two weeks of the start of building your restaurant, you should expect your restaurant construction specialist to begin preparing, communicating and mobilizing resources.  If you aren’t sure what is happening during the pre-construction process, then it’s important to contact the company to add yourself to the communication loop.

Engagement and Connection are Vital

Focus, engagement and connection are vital throughout the entire pre-construction phase.  This makes certain that everyone who will be participating knows what they’re doing, what they will need to do and when they will be doing it.  By keeping everyone informed and up to date, it helps to ensure that every step of the plan will roll out smoothly while eliminating preventable challenges and minimizing the risk of misunderstanding.  Taking care during this step is one of the most effective ways to ensure success.

Unseen Preparation of the Restaurant Builder

During the preparation phase, some of the tasks that need to be completed include but are not limited to:

  • Producing a project charter that identifies all applicable participants (including vendors, subcontractors, owners and other stakeholders)
  • Securing permits
  • Communicating with utility companies and beginning the application processes
  • Creating a plan that identifies long lead items and key milestones
  • Developing a risk management plan
  • Establishing all trades and materials for the first 2 weeks of construction
  • Creating a vendor delivery schedule and a detailed project delivery schedule
  • Forming a material staging plan
  • Designing a wall blocking plan and roof penetration plan

Communication is Key

In terms of communication, tasks that will need to be completed include but aren’t limited to:

  • Distributing the project charter to all stakeholders
  • Scheduling initial meetings with the owners and key stakeholders
  • Scheduling the pre-construction meeting with the key subcontractors
  • Distributing appropriate documentation and the vendor delivery schedule to the project team.
  • Communicating the risk management and safety plans
  • Sharing and reviewing all project expectations with everyone involved

Time to Mobilize

Mobilization ensures that everything is in place and everyone who is involved with building the restaurant is ready to be able to take action and to efficiently begin construction on time.  That involves, but is not limited to:


  • Being on-site within 5 days of the contract award
  • Measuring the field and confirming the contract plans
  • Photographing and documenting the site conditions as they are to start
  • Confirming all existing utility locations, underground plumbing plans and wall framing plans
  • Laying out the utility room to ensure that every component will fit and no conflicts will occur
  • Securing and posting permits as well as required labor law posters, safety posters and the
  • Have all subcontracts and materials in place inside 10 days of mobilization.


When the pre-construction step is used properly and efficiently, it allows for the smoothest possible progress into the next step of the 5 step restaurant construction process – The actual construction of your restaurant.

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