Building Your Restaurant – Step 3 – Construction

The construction process is the step in the creation of your restaurant when things really start to get moving.  It isn’t that there wasn’t anything happening before this point, but overall there likely hasn’t been much in terms of physical change to the site itself.  Once the construction gets started, the entire project starts to become real.Restaurant Building - Step 3 Construction

That said, it’s important to note that the construction step in the process isn’t just about the building.  Building is a core component, of course, but the primary focus is to maintain the strong communication that was established during the pre-construction step.  This allows every component to continue moving forward efficiently. At the same time, it also ensures that a foundation is in place to quickly and effectively respond to any unforeseen issues.

During The Restaurant Construction Process

What you can expect throughout the construction process will depend on the restaurant construction specialist you hire to do the job.  Every company has its own unique strategy.  When you work with LOTT Restaurant Construction, you can expect this step of the process to involve the following:


  • Weekly meetings held with subcontractors to confirm the schedule moving forward as well as safety compliance. This also provides the opportunity to discuss any ongoing issues or new ones in greater detail
  • Confirmation that all necessary insurance certifications and agreement signatures have been obtained from all subcontractors
  • That any newly required labor law or safety posters have been affixed along with a two-week interval schedule
  • A review of daily records regarding who was on site and what was accomplished
  • Meetings involving all subcontractors ahead of the beginning of new work
  • Scheduling, tracking and documentation needed for all required inspections
  • Creation of positive slope to floor drains and waterproofing on wet walls
  • Plumbing system protection from construction debris
  • Keeping up regularly updated as-built drawings on site which you will receive upon completion of the project
  • ADA compliance requirement confirmation as work is performed
  • Ensuring quality installation and checks to reduce the possibility of having to re-do work
  • Labeling or tagging of all plumbing, electrical and mechanical equipment
  • Weekly job status reports with photographs sent to you every Monday in order to show progress and identify any outstanding issues that still require addressing

Throughout this entire process, a full-time superintendent will be on-site as long as any work is being completed.

The restaurant construction specialist company itself acts as a central communication and direction hub for all other parties participating in the project. This includes everybody from the architect to the landlord, kitchen equipment supplier, subcontractors, design team, direct vendors, a franchisor if applicable and, of course, the owner.

The LOTT project team works to coordinate each of those participants and make sure that everyone is up to date and knows what is expected of them and when it is expected.  This virtually eliminates the need for assumptions or confusion with regards to the progress of the work, ensuring the highest level of success.

After Step 3 of our 5 Step Restaurant Construction Process, The Construction phase, comes Step 4 Project Close-out.

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