The world has become extremely specialized and the construction industry is no different. Yet, due to the fast track schedules, high dollar investment and small spaces inherent to restaurant build outs, non-restaurant construction contractors tend to be good at projects where contracts are larger and time frames are much longer as it gives them more time to figure out whats required and needed.


That’s where LOTT Restaurant Construction is different. We build Restaurants, so we speak your language, we understand the consequences of an equipment breakdown or shutdown.  We build it to last and hold up to the rigorous activity of a commercial kitchen environment.

A restaurant contractor understands first and foremost that to the restaurant owner, kitchen equipment is a printing press that prints money. If that equipment is idle, capital to support the organization is not coming in and expenses are mounting. A restaurant contractor knows there are two stages to restaurant construction: preparing for equipment and opening as soon as its ready.

The LOTT team starts at the back of the house in preparation for equipment and moves to the front of the house while it is installed and prepped. With all the major trades working in a confined space like a kitchen, site coordination and communication must be exact, and the project momentum must be maintained from day 1 until opening.

LOTT superintendents know grease traps, indirect waste, POS systems, cook line equipment, waterproofing, sanitary cove & caulking, exhaust hood equipment & ansul systems. Our support staff knows the extreme importance of coordinating and facilitating delivery with all your direct vendors because we all know the importance of getting your doors open ASAP.  We don’t rest until the CO is in hand and your operational.

Since many restaurant owners are running other restaurants while building their current project, having a contractor on site that knows all critical steps to completion and has opened over 400 locations is a valuable resource that is not represented on any bid form and often over looked.  You’re in good hands with LOTT on the job.

We equate the construction of a restaurant to that of a fine watch. It must be precise, exact, consistent and on time. We hope we can put our experience to work for you.