Why Build a Restaurant in Philadelphia?

Why Build a Restaurant in Philadelphia?

Restaurants and small businesses as a whole are at the very heart of the Pennsylvania economy.  In fact, there are currently an estimated 950,000 small businesses in operation in the city, employing more than 2 million people.  The reason so many restaurant and small business owners are looking to Philly when they’re ready to get started is due to a wealth of entrepreneur-friendly features.

5 Reasons to Build a Restaurant in Philly

If you’re still not sure whether or not you should be building a restaurant in Philadelphia, check out the top 5 reasons other successful restaurant owners have chosen the City of Brotherly Love.

Economic Growth

  1. The economy is on its way up – After a lengthy recovery struggle from the 2008 recession, the Philadelphia economy is seeing steady healthy growth. This makes it an ideal location to build a restaurant.
  2. The city makes it easy to build and open new businesses – While some metropolitan areas have reputations for making new restaurant owners jump through a series of hoops before they can establish themselves, making it difficult to get off the ground, Philly has made a specific effort to make it easy for new business owners to open their doors. The City of Philadelphia’s Business Services department website provides all documents and forms for restaurant owners to inform themselves every step of the way.
  3. The customer base is already there – Philadelphia has a very large customer base, being conveniently situated in the tri-state area. Furthermore, it is the fifth largest city in the country. This makes it possible to draw a spectrum of customers, as a population that large makes it much easier to find larger number of targeted consumers.
  4. The workforce is skilled and educated – Not only does the city’s large population provide a huge customer base, but it also boasts an educated, experienced and skilled workforce. This makes it possible not only to find the right company to build the restaurant, but also makes it easier to hire the perfect team to ensure success once the doors open.
  5. entreprenuersThe startup community members support each other – As an appealing place for startups to put down roots, many new restaurants and companies are getting going in Philadelphia and have formed a close-knit community. This makes it easier to find and share resources, discover information and reach new customers. It seems that the startup community has embraced the idea of brotherly love.

How about You?

Are you ready to get started making your dream of having an amazing restaurant in Philly? Please check out our series of blog posts about our 5 Step Restaurant Construction process, so get an idea of what we do. Then feel free to give us a call!